Family Guy is rearing up for a guest star packed 11th season. The hilarious Fox animated comedy is set to have a Ryan Reynolds cameo in their Christmas episode.

While watching or talking about Blake Lively's beau, Ryan Reynolds, you may have heard the phrase (or said it yourself), Ryan Reynolds is God. Well, it's kind of true in this case. According to Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds will be taking on the role of the original son of God - and he's not playing Jesus.

Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann explained that Reynold's animated character is God's previous at immaculate conception - his first son that didn't quite work out.

This isn't the first time Reynolds will be working on Family Guy. The actor appeared on the series in November 2011, playing himself. In the episode, Reynolds is in Quahog to shoot a movie and becomes a little flirtatious with Peter.

Season 11 of Family Guy has already lined up Twilight's Kellan Lutz, Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks and recently single Johnny Depp to guest star.

Lutz  is set to play Meg's new crush, a stud on the school football team. While he does agree to take Meg on a date, Hentemann teases that he does so because he's interested in another member of the Griffin family - and it's not one of the women.

Banks will be starring on another future episode as the snooty wife of Ross Fishman, Lois' ex-boyfriend, and Johnny Depp will finally be reprising his title role from 1990's Edward Scissorhands. Depp's cameo is reported to be in one of the cutaway gags.

Season 11 of Family Guy returns to Fox on Sunday, Sept. 30.

What guest star are you excited to see on season 11 of Family Guy?