You would think being a volunteer at the 2012 London Olympics would be hectic or stressful, but one Olympic volunteer is taking her duties with stride after a video went viral on YouTube called "Happiest Olympic Worker 2012."

The video shows the unnamed female IOC worker yelling in a megaphone to ticket holders, police and the media as she led fans into the Olympic Stadium. Her dry humor and British slang is nearly too intense for the camera man, who laughs so hard throughout the filming of the video that sometimes the picture shakes.

"I cannot contain my excitement everybody, today is a special day, we are going to be telling our children's children's children's children's children about this day," she said in the video. "I'm going to say I was part of the Olympics, I worked for the Olympics, some of you will say I watched the Olympics, I'll tell them I listened to it outside and I heard a bit. I heard them having fun and celebrating and I felt happy inside - I felt a warmth in my heart."

Since it was uploaded on Friday ahead of the opening ceremony for the Olympics, the "Happiest Olympic Worker" video has garnered nearly 500,000 views as of Monday morning.

View the video of the "Happiest Olympic Worker" below.