Video game consumers have been protesting the ending of Bioware's Mass Effect trilogy for weeks on the basis that the game's ending failed to live up to the decision-based story telling that made the previous titles fan favorites. Bioware has recently tried to placate its consumers with a downloadable content package of extended scenes in order to provide more narrative closure. According to a poll posted on Bioware social network forum, a whopping 84 percent of participants (2507 people) are unsatisfied with Bioware's offering.

The poll, posted on April 5, currently has a total of 2,982 votes. Fifteen percent of users voted that adding more scenes and closure is enough, while just one percent said that the ending was fine to begin with.

According to Wikipedia, Mass Effect 3 sold a total of 1.5 million copies for consoles, with 3.5 million shipped for all platforms in March. While this figure dwarfs the number of people who voted in the online poll, the number of gamers who completed the game and are heavily invested in the storyline is likely a fraction of the total number of consumers who purchased title.

In the comments below the poll, gamers speculated that while the current DLC is free, a real new ending will later become available through a DLC with a price.

Several comments stated the DLC does nothing to change the A, B and C ending that had little effect on the story regardless of which option was chosen, and was allegedly stolen from an older game called Deus Ex.

Some users remained hopeful that the additional scenes will clarify some of the games plot holes, but still worried that the story's ending is beyond repair and needs to be completely rewritten.

One user argued that clarification is not enough, and provided a wish list of changes he wants to see in the Mass Effect 3 ending. The demands included a final epic battle where the game's protagonist, Commander Shepard, would have a real chance to be the hero. Bioware should also offer the protagonist a real chance at a happy ending if every point is accumulated throughout the game, and provide epilogues to clarify what happens to each important character after the ending.