“Once Upon A Time” is a little over a week away from its season two premiere! Fans of the ABC series have been waiting all summer to see the aftermath of Emma breaking the curse on Storybrooke. The wait to see what happens next will be a little shorter, because “Once Upon A Time” has released a sneak peek of the first episode of season two!

Previously released stills had fans wondering if Dr. Whale (David Anders) was one of evil Queen Regina’s henchmen, but judging by a video posted by Entertainment Weekly, Dr. Whale is none too pleased with the Queen!

The little over a minute clip begins with Dr. Whale pounding on Regina’s door, demanding that she open up and face the angry mob forming in front of her house. “Open up or we’re coming in,” Dr. Whale threatens. The word choice he uses sounds very familiar to something a character in “Beauty and the Beast” would say. Fans of the Disney version of the fairytale will remember that Gaston made a similar threat at the Beast’s castle before breaking down the door with a similar angry mob. 

Regina finally opens up her door, asking Dr. Whale with a chipper voice, “Can I help you?”

“That smirk isn’t going to last forever Regina,” he warns her. “You took everything from us, and now...”

“What?” Regina challenges him. “Now you’re going to kill me?”

Surprisingly that’s what Dr. Whale and the crowd want to do...eventually. But first, everyone wants to make sure that Regina suffers for what she did to everyone.

“Listening to you has been enough suffering for all of us,” Regina says shoving Dr. Whale away from her front door. “That’s right, you wanted to see your Queen,” she says, now addressing the crowd gathered at her house. “Well my dears,” Regina says as she throws her arms up in the air menacingly. “Here she is.”

Unfortunately for Regina she thought she could scare the crowd with a little magic...but it turns out that she doesn’t have any.

“She’s powerless,” someone in the crowd yells as shock washes over Regina’s face. It doesn’t take long before the fear that once held back the angry mob vanishes, as they inch closer to her, ready for revenge. 

Season two of “Once Upon A Time” premieres on Sunday, Sept. 30 on ABC. 

Watch the sneak peek video of “Once Upon A Time” here.

What do you think of Dr. Whale?