The trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful -- the prequel to the beloved film The Wizard of Oz (1939) -- has just been released. Within one day of being posted on the Internet, the trailer has already acquired more than 100,000 YouTube views.

The movie tells the story of how the wizard arrived in Oz and how he was ultimately able to become the ruler, IMDB explained. Sorry, Dorothy fans: This means everyone's favorite Kansas girl won't be making an appearance in this flick.

The star-studded cast consists of actors such as James Franco (Oz), Mila Kunis (Theodora), Michelle Williams (Glinda) and Rachel Weisz (Evanora). The film is set to premiere in theaters in 3-D next March 8.

In the trailer, Oz says: Kansas is full of good men. I don't want to be a good man -- I want to be a great one.

Oz is putting on a magic show for an audience as he explains his need to be great. True to the original Wizard of Oz, the beginning of the movie is filmed in black and white, until Oz gets sucked into a twister while in his hot-air balloon.

When he finds himself in the Land of Oz, the world is filled with color, and he asks, Am I dreaming? -- as a fairylike creature flutters in his face. Just then, the trailer shows Theodora taking the wizard to the Land of Oz.

Aren't you the great man we've been waiting for? concludes the trailer.

The clip isn't even two minutes long, yet it has already conjured nearly 500 comments by fans of the 1939 movie.

Love how, like the Wizard of? Oz, this starts out in black and white and then goes to colour. So cool, one YouTube user commented on the trailer.

It feels a bit like messing with something? sacred, but the trailer is really good, the visuals are great, and Sam Raimi is an excellent director and I trust him. If this trailer is anything to go by, we're in for a very good movie, another said.

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