"Pretty Little Liars" will be returning this October for a very special Halloween episode, and judging by the looks of it, Halloween really may be the day of the dead.

ABC Family has been prepping fans for their upcoming "Pretty Little Liars" special on October 23 by posting weekly webisodes titled, "Pretty Dirty Secrets." Uploaded every Tuesday in place of a new episode, ABC posted another video that has fans talking...but it's not part of the web series. The new video posted on the "Pretty Little Liars" Facebook page is a sneak peek of the upcoming Halloween episode.

The sneak peek shows Toby and Spencer dressed to impress and ready to enjoy their night. The girls have other plans though, and need Spencer to tell them about Garrett, who has gone MIA and cannot be reached on his phone.

Of course Noel is lurking around, and when he cockily flips a piece of candy corn into his mouth the night gets a little more interesting. Choking uncontrollably, Spencer doesn't immediately believe he is in danger, but Toby attempts to perform the Heimlich on him. Jenna soon after starts panicking, and Spencer jumps in to help Noel who is now laying on his back still choking.

[Watch the "Pretty Little Liars" sneak peek of the Halloween episode HERE.]

Is this another prank from Noel...or will the candy corn be the last thing he ever eats?

The Halloween-themed episode does not premiere until Oct. 23, but you can stay up to date with the "Pretty Dirty Secrets" series which has already posted three videos.

The first video, "A ReservAtion," takes fans inside a Halloween store filled with dozens of frightening masks...including the same mask that "A" wore in the first Halloween episode. The phone rings in the store and the answering machine picks up. A voice that has been altered to hide the persons identity speaks.

"Im calling to check on my costume, it's under the name..."

The answering machine cuts off before viewers can learn the identity of the mysterious caller.

The second video in the webseries is called "A Reunion," and takes viewers back inside the Halloween shop. "Soon, no soon doesn't work for me. Soon walked out the door that moment the check was cashed," Jason tells someone on the phone. "If i don't have proof by the end of the week I'm calling the cops."

His conversation is interrupted when Cece, hidden with a mask, tells Jason that he's been avoiding her.

"That surprises you?" he asks. The pair talk about a past thought of running away, Ally's death and the fact that she broke up with him the next day.

"You and Ally, always playing people," Jason tells her. "You two really deserve each other, you know that? You didn't care who you hurt. Did you? The moment she met you she took a step back from the rest of us."

"What are you saying?" she asks Jason.

"I'm saying she was a kid playing childish games until you came along and helped her take it to the next level," he tells her icily.

Cece ends their little quarrel by telling him that she knows what him and his friends were up to. But she doesn't get to go into more details because Jason walks away...but catches the attention of the cashier on the way out.

The third and final video posted so far is called "A VoicemAil." Someone throws their keys on the table of their home while they go to listen to some voicemails. The first is from a pharmacy informing of a ready prescription. The second is someone telling their mom to pack for a flight that is leaving, the third is for "Mrs. Reynolds" (Officer Garrett's mom) that her dry cleaning has been waiting for three weeks, and the final message is just heavy breathing.

The next webisode of "Pretty Dirty Secrets" will air on Tuesday, Sept. 18.