October 11th cannot come soon enough! "The Vampire Diaries" has just released a new promo for season four, and boy is it juicy!

Last season, fans of the hit CW series watched in horror as a car accident sent Elena and Matt to a watery grave. Fortunately Stefan is always lurking close to Elena, and was able to rescue both from the car...but not before Elena took her last breathe. While fans were unsure of how the series would move forward without its main starlet, Dr. Fell shocked everyone when she revealed to Damon that she had "helped" Elena earlier in the episode. Translation? Elena had consumed vampire blood before her death...beginning her transition into her new eternal life the second she died.

Although the Elena situation has been kept very hush hush since the conclusion of season three, fans know better than to think that the Salvatore brothers would just let their beloved Elena walk on the dark side for eternity. So, what's in store for the Mystic Falls gang when season four premieres? Drama!

The preview clip for season four lets fans relive Elena's traumatic last couple moments. The car ride over the bridge...Rebekah standing in the road...the car hitting the water...and of course, Elena closing her eyes as the water consumes her.

Viewers also get to relive the pain Damon feels upon hearing of the accident, and the anger that floods him when Dr. Fell tells him, "I helped her."

And let the drama begin!

"Am I dead?" a panic stricken Elena asks the Salvatore's. Stefan puts his dead down, and the realization of what's happening really sets into Elena.

While Elena is panicking, her supernatural friends are stepping in though.

"We have all day before she has to feed," Stefan tells Damon. "That's a day to exhaust every possible way out of this." Damon must still be a little hurt from Elena choosing his brother over him, so his sympathy card must have got lost in the mail. "You feed or you die," he flat out tells her.

Bonnie seems to be on team Stefan though.

"She's still in transition," Bonnie tells Elena's brother Jeremy. "Not fully dead, not fully alive." So, what witchy tricks does Bonnie have up her sleeve (and why didn't she use them to help Caroline when she became a vampire?!)? Bonnie thinks that she can go to "the other side" and bring Elena back before she transition

If that's not enough drama for "Vampire Diaries" fans, throw in a hot hookup scene with Caroline and Tyler (who is actually Klaus), another car accident, a police raid, a dying Elena behind bars...and of course the new vampire killing machine, Connor.

"The Vampire Diaries" season four premieres on the CW on Thursday, Oct. 11.

Are you excited about the upcoming season of "The Vampire Diaries?"