Ten members of the band La Reyna de Monterrey died in northern Mexico because of a traffic accident Saturday morning, the Associated Press reported. Five other people were injured.

At the time of the accident, the group was returning to Monterrey after performing successfully in Nuevo Laredo Friday night.

The driver who was transporting all the band members dozed off, causing the vehicle to first hit the side of a truck and then cross over to oncoming traffic where it collided with a tractor-trailer, police said.

Authorities closed the three-lane highway while the accident was being investigated, the Christian Post reported.

The crash was so powerful that many of the band members were hurled from the vehicle and into approaching traffic on the highway that connects Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey, AP said. 

La Reyna de Monterrey was a popular band that played Banda music. Fans expressed their condolences to family members and mourned the loss of their favorite musicians on at least one of the band's Facebook pages.

One Facebook commenter reportedly wrote: "It is a great loss. God has called them to sing with His angels."