A hidden gem is not a typical term used to describe Tumblr, a social media platform founded in 2007 that currently boasts over 46.2 million pages. However, in the vastly sprawling galaxy that is the fashion industry, Tumblr does not immediately come to mind. However, Tumblr is rife with fashion and beauty photos, tips, tricks and quips. A hidden gem, for sure. 

In February 2011, fashion's elite began flocking to Tumblr. The social media platform allowed for brands to uniquely exhibit their quintessential formulas -- from Kate Spade's effervescent girlishness to Oscar de la Renta's gossamer loveliness -- with beautiful pictorials. After all, fashion is about creative imagery and artistic expression. Tumblr combines the two worlds in one perfect package. 

People are using and sharing beautiful visuals on Tumblr, posting things they think are inspirational, Tumblr's Digital Marketing Manager Cecilia Liu told Mashable. In that vein, it seems like a really great platform for us to get our voice out there, not just as tweets and text, but through images and color, which is the DNA of the brand. 

On Tumblr, users are highly likely to share content with friends and followers. Tumblr Fashion Director Rich Tong told Mashable that there's a huge capacity for fashion content to go viral on Tumblr as fashion-related Tumblr posts are reblogged much more frequently and on a much larger scale than general Tumblr posts. 

Tumblr can be daunting to many. It is a bit of a black hole in the sense that it is difficult to navigate through 46.2 million pages. That is why we decided to pick out the 10 must-follow fashion and beauty Tumblrs for you to follow today. Even if you are a Tumblr newbie, fret not. Start with these 10 and, we assure you, the rest will be smooth sailing. 

Here are the 10 Must-Follow Fashion and Beauty Tumblrs, with links provided to each Tumblr for your convenience: 

ModCloth: Not only does ModCloth.com offer an awesome myriad of eclectic apparel, but it also has an equally awesome Tumblr. Some of the clothing featured on the page is from ModCloth.com, other clothing is from fellow fashion Tumblrs. So, there is a great balance between internal and external flair. Plus, if you have styling questions, ModCloth stylists are on hand to answer all your burning questions. Submit via Tumblr and your question might be featured on the feed. 


ModCloth Tumblr 

Pink Corsette: Pink Corsette is a stunning collage of all of life's delectables -- from fabulous fashions and killer stilettos to delicious dishes and hunky Hollywood actors. This Tumblr definitely has it all. 


Pink Corsette Tumblr

InStyle Magazine: InStyle magazine is a newsstand favorite, so of course its Tumblr would be just as lovable. The InStyle Tumblr is like the cool, down-to-earth best friend who is willing to share all of her styling secrets without a hint of trepidation. Every few days, the magazine's Tumblr authors Randy Miller and Marion Fasel will post their favorite items of the moment. It is bite-sized fashion advice, perfect for your lunchtime online browsing.  


InStyle Magazine Tumblr

Pretaportre: For all those who love street style, Pretaportre is a No. 1 must-follow. Pretaportre is a blog run by the fashion conscious Rachel. My blog, Pretaportre, emphasizes primarily on fashion editorials and street style with a mix of runway collections. Pretaportre is a play on the French term 'pret-a-porter', meaning ready-to-wear in English, writes Rachel. This Tumblr is filled with inspiration for your every fashion whim. 


Pretaportre Tumblr

Nail Art 101: Nails have become more and more central to fashion as of late, with designers giving more attention to the fingertips than just a quick brush of paint. Nail Art 101, run by the immensely creative Lisa, is your go-to for every nail design imaginable. The Nail Art 101 Tumblr feed features tips, tricks and trends and Lisa proves herself as not just a nail connoisseur, but also a bona fide artist!  


Nail Art 101 Tumblr

World of Makeup: The World of Makeup Tumblr is a glimpse into the super beautiful, put-together stacked makeup box you wish you had. Photos of fun, new products and illustrative makeup examples stream down the page for your viewing pleasure. 


World of Makeup Tumblr

A Shoe A Day: A Shoe A Day Tumblr is unique in that it showcases footwear from all around the world, in all shapes and sizes, rather than just honing in on the biggest names. Of course there is the Christian Louboutin and the Louis Vuitton post, but more hard-to-find shoes are featured as well, like Charlotte Dellal's Russian doll sandals. 


A Shoe Day Tumblr

The Style Addict: Visually intriguing and decidedly sharp, The Style Addict is everything you could want from a fashion Tumblr. In fact, it is more like an online magazine than a social media page. Cool and confident all the way.  


The Style Addict Tumblr

A Stylist's Notes: This Tumblr page is fun and flirty, with photos of all the trendiest styles plus the hottest celebrities. What is most striking about A Stylist's Notes is the mix of editorial pull-outs, product placements and thought-provoking quotes. 


A Stylist's Notes

Marie Claire Magazine: Marie Claire magazine never ceases to amaze. How do the brains behind the beauty and fashion mag come up with such fantastic features each and every month? The Marie Claire Tumblr page is described as A look inside the world of Marie Claire. And that it is. The Tumblr shows behind-the-scenes snaps of life at Marie Claire -- from fashion shows to photo shoots to office antics to street style. The Marie Claire Tumblr is a can't-miss. 


Marie Claire Magazine Tumblr

If you follow any fashion and beauty Tumblrs, share your favorites below!