Super Bowl Sunday means viewing parties, which bring together an eclectic group of fans and non-football fans alike.

Football lovers will remain glued to their seats throughout the game's entirety, and have picked out spots to limit movement for food and drinks. Casual fans, on the other hand, are merely there to socialize.

It’s a delicate balance, but easily skews in favor of those watching the game. Below are 10 questions or comments non-football fans should avoid during Sunday’s big game, and some ways to sidestep a mishap.

These Announcers Really Know What They're Talking About

Chances are someone will become violently angry with you because they have one reason or another to despise this year's crew of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Keep silent when it comes to the announcers.


Why Does Ray Lewis Dance?

Really no one can answer this question, but in most football circles, Baltimore’s controversial, albeit sure-fire Hall Of Fame linebacker, and his moves are one thing fans can agree is awesome. You love Ray Lewis’s dancing.

Avoid Questions Or Comments On Defense

The “3-4” or “4-3” defense are phrases you should completely rule out of your vocabulary. Baltimore tackled Colin Kaepernick hard, now cheer. Or the 49ers pushed Ray Rice out of bounds, cheer and eat a wing. 

I’m Really Looking Forward To The Halftime Show

Even if you are excited about Beyonce’s performance, best to keep it to yourself. Halftime shows are usually treated as bathroom breaks for diehards, or quick cleanup times for those throwing parties. The good thing is you can enjoy it on your own without interruptions.

Did You Know The Coaches Are Brothers?

The most overhyped storyline that has been beaten over everyone’s heads for the past two weeks. Instead, bring up Dan Marino’s love child and cover-up.

The NFL Really Needs To Address Head Injuries

It’s sad, but like the league, NFL fans would rather avoid this issue during the biggest game of the year.

You Have Any Money On The Game?

If they answer "yes," it will be for a small amount. "No" still means they might have money riding on the game, but could be ashamed by how much they’ve placed on prop bets like whether or not San Francisco back-up Alex Smith will trip Kaepernick.

What’s Deer Antler Spray?

An oddball story about a performance enhancing drug that many football enthusiasts didn’t even know existed dominated the airwaves during the NFL’s final week. Another subject fans and the league hope remains closeted.

Who You Rooting For?

Unless you reside in the greater San Francisco or Baltimore areas, chances are your favorite team did not make it. Instead, say you hope it will be a good game. There was a time when Super Bowls were unentertaining blowouts. We’ve been lucky that four of the last five games were decided by less than a touchdown.

No Double Dipping

It's not a comment. Just good advice.