The 100” Season 2 will return after a monthlong hiatus Wednesday, but the characters still will be reeling from the death of Finn. According to the episode 9 synopsis, Finn’s death will be on the minds of some, but others will have to focus on a new alliance.

Raven (Lindsey Morgan), of course, isn’t over Finn’s death. She is “seething” and “unable to control her emotions.” The death of her former love might lead to her acting out. The synopsis for "Remember Me" teases, “A bold move threatens to destroy the newly formed alliance between the sky people and the Grounders.” Could Raven’s angry actions ruin the alliance Finn died for?

Of course, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) might be the one making the “bold move.” She’ll be “haunted by a familiar face.” Could Finn appear or will it be someone who is still alive? The person might influence Clarke to make a major decision. Clarke will make a deal with Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey) and Indra (Adina Porter), which seems like a step in the right direction for the alliance between Camp Jaha and the Grounders. However, something could go wrong, and the parents might not be able to fix it. Abby (Paige Turco) and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) will be giving the kids more space when they start to “realize that decision-making powers are out of their hands,” the synopsis says.

The Mount Weather kids aren’t left out of the action in next week's episode. It seems they’ll be one step closer to reuniting with the rest of the 100. “Monty (Christopher Larkin) comes up with a risky plan,” the synopsis teases. It doesn’t say what the plan is for, but an escape plan is likely. By the midseason finale, Monty finally started to realize that Mount Weather doesn’t have the best intentions.

Watch the extended trailer for “The 100” Season 2, episode 9 below:

“The 100” Season 2, episode 9, titled “Remember Me,” will air Wednesday, Jan. 21, at 9 p.m. EST on the CW. Who do you think is haunting Clarke? Sound off in the comments section below!