An ATM receipt found in Hamptons last month shows a balance of nearly $100 million in an account raising many eyebrows.

Since only a billionaire can afford to keep $100 million in a non-interest-bearing account, all eyes are on billionaire David Tepper, a hedge fund manager, though he denied the reports that he visited the ATM.

The Wall Street tabloid site on Wednesday posted a June 18 dated ATM receipt from a Capitol One Bank in East Hampton, New York with an available balance of a whopping $99,864,731.94. The account holder left the receipt in the ATM after withdrawing a paltry amount of $400 in cash.

The report has identified that the account holder was David Tepper, a hedge fund manager and founder of Appaloosa Management. But on Thursday night Tepper denied that he was the account holder.

Tepper, 53, was apparently embarrassed to admit that it was his ATM receipt, at a time when thousands of people are jobless and struggling to pay their basic utility bills.

DealBreaker site reports that Tepper joked after withdrawing the money saying he hadn't used an ATM since Lehman.

On Wednesday night Tepper denied even to the New York Post  saying: I would never do something as irresponsible as leaving $100 million in a savings account.

Tepper recently knocked down his ocean-front home in the Hamptons which he bought in 2010 for $43.5 million.