They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and the Dark Path Haunt, a $12,000 haunted house in Little Elm,  is living up to that reputation.

While the $12,000 haunted house cost a hefty sum to construct, the owner of the Dark Path haunt is offering the experience for free.

The expensive haunted house is a collaboration between Dan Baker,  a salesman who converted his backyard into the large display, and his friends.

“We’ve made probably the largest home haunted house in the state of Texas,” Baker told WFAA. “Everyone’s blown away; they’ve never seen anything this big.”

Steve Hancock donated numerous props for the $12,000 haunted house, which was made using 500 wood pallets, according to WFAA.

“We have never come across anything that is even close to this,” Hancock told the Dallas television station. “We try to take this to the next level that, really, nobody’s ever done before.”

The haunted house experience is free, but Baker is accepting donations for the thrill to walk through the frightening set. The proceeds will go to charity, he said.

The Denton County man described what visitors to the $12,000 haunted house can expect. Anyone interested in walking through the elaborate set were urged to visit the Dark Path Haunt at 334 Lakecrest Drive in Little Elm.

“This is a haunted house,” Baker told WFAA. “Our goal is to scare you. There are things that are going to be creepy and just downright scary — that's the point.”

He said the whole display takes up a quarter of an acre of land and includes a real coffin in front of the haunted house.

The $12,000 haunted house has the support of the city’s mayor, Mike Schnittker. The project is part of the village’s Halloween Hayride.

“The homeowners thoroughly discussed their plans with the town and we sanctioned their efforts,” Schnittker said in an e-mail to the television station. "It was determined that it made a great addition to our Halloween Hayride. This is an informal and popular community event in an informal and small community.”

Visitors to The Dark Path Haunt can expect to be scared while being safe at the same time, as Baker and his volunteers are using fake candles for the haunted house. There’s also a number of emergency exits.

“We spent days and days making sure this is as safe as possible,” he said.

Baker described himself as a kid at heart, and the Dark Path Haunt is a way for him to show off that part of his personality.

“Halloween’s not given the attention it deserves, in my opinion,” he said. “The coolest thing for me about being an adult is now I can afford to do all the cool things I wanted to do as a kid.”