A 15-year-old boy in West Point, Utah, is being held in a juvenile detention center under suspicion of killing his two siblings.

On Thursday night, the victims’ unidentified mother came home to find her four-year-old son dead, police told ABC 4 Utah. She then called local authorities, claiming that she was unable to ascertain the whereabouts of her other two sons.

Davis County sheriff deputies later discovered the woman’s ten-year-old son dead inside the home as well. "It appears they [died] from a knife like wound [sic]," Sheriff Todd Richardson told reporters.

According to Richardson, a third, 15-year-old son attempted to flee from the home, only to be captured shortly after midnight by Layton, Utah, police officers. The suspect was found with traces of blood on him, the Associated Press reports.

The 15-year-old suspect was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of stabbing his two brothers to death, AP reports. Although authorities publicized the suspect’s name during their search for him, media outlets are withholding his identity because he is a minor.

"He spoke bluntly with our investigators," Richardson said. Davis County attorney Troy Rawlings added that the 15-year-old will not be formally charged until local authorities can gather more information about both the suspect and the murder victims, AP reports.

"There are more questions than answers at this point," Rawlings said. "This teen in custody has a presumption of innocence. Facts are being gathered to assist with critical decisions."

Local officials described the 15-year-old as a honor student and member of his school’s track team, AP reports. Meanwhile, neighbors claimed that he was socially awkward and spoke with a speech impediment. One neighbor, Scott Green, told AP that he once discovered the teenager throwing dozens of rocks onto his property.

"I'm still in shock," neighbor Karin Jackson told AP. "This is a wonderful neighborhood and the kids are usually outside playing.

The afflicted family has six children, four of which are adopted, AP reports. Their father, believed to be a Department of Defense engineer, was away in Alabama at the time of the murders.

The 15-year-old was left alone with his two adopted brothers while their mother took the rest of her children to a dance recital. When she returned, she discovered her child’s body and reported the case to the police.