Articles by Thomas Barrabi

Tom Barrabi is a reporter for the International Business Times. He graduated from Fairfield University in 2011, and has also written for Men's Fitness, Complex, GuySpeed, and Handlebar Magazine.

Russia Olympics

Russia Won't Boycott 2016 Olympics

“Understand that Russia is a dependable partner of the international Olympic movement," Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko told the AP.
Donald Trump Protestors

Live From New York, It's Donald Trump

A hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” historically has done either little or nothing to better a candidate’s chances of becoming U.S. president.
Russian Plane Crash

Black Box Recorded Noise Before Crash

The as-yet-unidentified sound was logged by the cockpit recorder a second before it ceased operating on the Russian plane that went down in Egypt last weekend.
China Economy

China's GDP Slowdown Delays Reforms

Regulators in Beijing are postponing plans to loosen controls on China's economy as the country struggles to maintain an acceptable growth rate.
Francois Carrard

FIFA In Shootout Over Term Limits

Critics are skeptical about FIFA's commitment to change after reform chairman Francois Carrard downplayed the need for term limits for top officials.