MTV's hit reality show, 16 and Pregnant, hasn't featured new moms with the best reputation. The show's stars have gone on to be arrested for drug violations, domestic violence and harassment, but the latest drama has happened before the latest season even aired.

Newcomer Kristina Robinson, a teen from Texas, was two months pregnant when her fiancé and baby daddy, John Todd Hight Jr., drowned on Apr. 30, 2011. Hight was only 19-years-old at the time of his death. The couple were swimming with friends in rough water at Galveston beach. A lifeguard brought Robinson and a friend in from shore before anyone realized that Hight had gone missing.

I just remember being pulled to shore, looking around and him not being there, Robinson says in a trailer for season four of 16 and Pregnant.

Robinson had her baby, Lukas Todd, prematurely in September, and has continued to move on with her life. For Robinson, moving on with her life meant marrying her new boyfriend TJ Head on Mar. 8.

The teen mom may seem happy, but it's her former future in-laws that are throwing a wrench in her happily-ever-after. While death by drowning may seem like an accident, Hight's mother, Tina, doesn't believe it was. The mother claimed on her late son's Facebook page that his death was planned, reports Radar Online.

Tina Hight posted another note on her son's wall, stating you went out of love for her, and she doesn't seem to care [about] you. Radar Online reports that her Facebook posts continued with, I WONDER IF SHE CARED AT ALL. I HAVE ONLY BEEN ABLE TO HOLD MY BABY BOYS SON 4 TIMES...IT AIN'T RIGHT.

Season four of 16 and Pregnant premieres Tuesday, Mar. 27 at 10:00 p.m. on MTV.