“2 Broke Girls,” which stars Kat Dennings (Max Black), Beth Behrs (Caroline Channing), Jennifer Coolidge (Sophie Kachinsky), Garrett Morris (Earl), Matthew Moy (Han Lee) and Jonathan Kite (Oleg), will air the episode titled "And the Disappointing Unit" on Monday from 8:00-8:30 p.m., EDT/PDT on the CBS TV Network. This episode is about Sophie’s wedding dress, which got stuck at customs.

After episode 21 "And the Grate Expectations," which showed Oleg’s bachelor party and Sophie’s decision to cancel their wedding, Max and Caroline must team up to retrieve Sophie’s wedding dress.

Alert! This article contains Season 4 spoilers of the show’s 22nd episode. Read only if you want to know more about it. TV Guide reports that in the "2 Broke Girls" Season 4 Finale episode "And the Disappointing Unit," Caroline and Max must do everything in their power to retrieve Sophie’s bridal gown, which got stuck at the airport customs. Then they have to rush so that Sophie will have something amazing to wear for her wedding to Oleg.

This episode was written and directed by Michael Patrick King. Guest stars include Dawn Drake (Announcer), Mo Aboul-Zelof (Mohammed), Gregory Vahanian (Priest), Cody Murray (cConductor), James Grabowski (Man), Laura Knightlinger (Veronica), Jay Hollingsworth (Dave), Patrick Cox (John) and Caroline Rhea (Bonnie). Click here to watch the preview video of "And the Disappointing Unit" from the show’s official website.

Click here to see several sneak peek photos from this episode, including Sophie in her wedding gown and Max fixing Sophie’s wedding cake and cupcakes. It also shows a photo of Oleg, Han and Earl wearing their best suits in church while waiting for Sophie to arrive. Plus, check out Sophie entering the church in her big wedding gown.

Click here to see a comic strip version of this episode from the “2 Broke Girls” website. It shows Sophie asking Earl to walk her down the aisle. Caroline jokingly asks if Sophie’s father died because he met Oleg. Sophie clarifies that her father is not dead. But she prefers that Earl lead her to Oleg instead of her dad because she doesn’t want to be upstaged on her wedding day.

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Watch The “2 Broke Girls” -- “And the Disappointing Unit” (Preview):

Watch The “2 Broke Girls” -- “And the Disappointing Unit” (Sneak Peek):

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