A retired Hungarian firefighter may have been mauled to death by a pair of donkeys, according to police.

On May 13, Sandor Horvath, 65, was reportedly riding his motorcycle in the town of Magyarszecsod, when two donkeys forced him off the road and dragged him for 55 yards. It appears that the donkeys bit and trampled him to death, AP reports.

Police are still waiting on autopsy results to confirm how Horvath died.

The donkeys lived on a small neighboring farm. Before the attack, the farmer’s daughter, Csikos Darda, says she saw behavioral changes in the donkeys.

"I had noticed that the donkeys were becoming increasingly aggressive, and I’d asked my father to do something about it, but he’d said they were fine," Central European News reports.

A local veterinarian says the donkeys, which will be put down, might have acted instinctively. "They probably reacted like this as they thought the victim was intruding upon their territory," he told local media.

Donkey attacks have taken place on American soil. Last August, a South Texas mayor was killed by a 500-pound donkey on his ranch, NBC News reports. Mayor William "Bill" Bohlke, 65, was taking care of his “prized cow herd” when the donkey attacked.

“They can become very aggressive, very mean, sometimes triggered by a female in heat,” Atascosa County Chief Deputy David Soward told the San Antonio Express-News website. “We'll probably never know what triggered it, but it was evident that this particular donkey was involved, based on the evidence at the scene and what we saw on this donkey.”