A tiger has reportedly bitten off part of the arm of a 2-year-old boy at Ya’an Bifeng Gorge animal park in China.

The little boy reached into the animal's cage in the zoo, poking one of his limbs through a ventilation device before the tiger attacked, reports The Mirror. The child poked the white Bengal tiger to catch his attention. However, the tiger ended up biting the arm of the boy.

Reportedly, the tiger used its claws to hold the boy's arm before embedding its teeth to bite the boy just below his elbow.  

The affected child, whose name has not been revealed, was immediately rushed to the People’s Hospital of Ya’an for the treatment. However, he was later transferred to another medical facility for surgical treatment.

During the surgery, the doctors had to carry out partial amputation of the arm of the boy below the elbow. The family of the affected child has refused to comment on the incident. However, the incident has raised questions about the precautionary and other safety measures taken by the zoo authorities.