Inspector Stuart Scott Tasmania Police

About 200 students have held a rally to protest in a series of violent attacks near the University of Tasmania's Hobart campus.

 Students are worried for their safety after the murder of Zhang Tina Yu and followed by several violent incidents near the campus.On Saturday, a student was ambushed and robbed in View St, Sandy Bay and another attack where six men attack a student with wielding bottles in Grosvenor St, leaving the student with a broken nose and cheek.

The rally were joined by police, state Labor minister David O'Byrne, Liberal members Elise Archer and Vanessa Goodwin, federal senate hopeful Lisa Singh and university academic staff.

Tasmania Police Inspector Stuart Scott told the rally that police were working hard trying to track down the small number of people behind the attacks.

Police Inspector Scott said in his statement that active measures have been put up in patrolling the area and a task force is being recruited to investigate the matter.

The police have so far arrested four people in connection to the violent attacks in the South Hobart area

He said police needed more help and urged students to come forward with information.

We are not getting information from students about all of the incidents that are occurring and it's very difficult for us to track down the offenders from these incidents unless we have descriptions of vehicles, descriptions of the people involved.

I know that whilst a lot of you are talking amongst yourselves, we need that information.

Sometimes there's a reluctance to provide information to police ... but I'm urging you please, you need to report things, even minor incidents, because we can build a picture up and track things down.

In the absence of information from you it's very difficult to track down these people.

Acting Vice Chancellor David Rich said the university would email all students and urge them to be vigilant about safety.