Travel is changing. Here, a look at the trends to expect in the coming year.

In these tumultuous times, we return to the essential pleasures of travel, rediscovering classic destinations and old-fashioned manners, seeking out comfort and serenity and quiet. What’s old is new again this year.

The shaky economy has lead to some drastic changes in the ways people travel, creating new breeds of travelers, like flashpackers. The flashier version of the backpacker values the same low-cost methods of traveling as the traditional backpacker but would rather steer clear of group accommodations in lieu of a private (but affordable) room.

Cruise lines are reinventing themselves. Take the launch of Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice, the first of five in a new class of ships, intended to change the way people feel about cruising by putting a modern spin on the glamour of ocean liners past. The luxury ship exceeds the average ship’s accommodations and level of sophistication-and even adds a touch of eco-friendliness, like its heat-absorbing half-acre lawn, where can guests picnic and play croquet.


Even airlines—which have been under a tremendous amount of heat with a rise in fees and delays—are taking steps to accommodate disgruntled passengers, finally. In a pre-emptive move, Virgin America is requiring empathy and stress management training for all of its employees, who attend classes on such topics as politeness and conflict resolution. 

And, the Nikon Coolpix P6000 is an example of new technology that will change the way travel memories are not only documented, but catalogued and shared. Not only will it capture stunning digital images from around the globe, but its built-in GPS system is perfect for keeping an accurate log of where each picture was shot—essential for a multi-destination excursion.

In our slideshow, we’ve provided more information on ten travel trends that we’re sure to see grow over the next twelve months. Traveling today may be drastically changed from even one year ago, but here’s everything you need to travel well in spite of it all.