It's true what they say- 2012 is the end of days...

For the Glee kids' high school days, that is. Unlike many other shows, where the students stay on for so so many years, the Glee brats are actually going to graduate in time.

All of your favorites --or the singers you hate, depending on your persuasion -- will leave the show after next season, which starts in September, according to a report by iVillage.

That's right folks. Rachel and Puck, the sexy Jewish-American teens with lymph nodes of gold are heading on out.

But comedic genius Sue Sylvester (actress Jane Lynch) is expected to stay on. Let's face it, she carries that show anyway, right?

So you can expect a whole new batch of singing dorks in September of 2012.

But will the 2012 switch mean the end of days for not just Rachel and Puck but the entire series? There is some doubt that the show will continue on for very long without all the characters that America has learned to love-and/ or hate.

We at IBTimes want to invite our readers to share why they think the show will or won't experience a 2012 apocalypse. Let's let the good times roll, folks.