The 2012 MLB Season is finally here.

St. Louis ended last season has champs, as they defeated the Rangers in a memorable seven-game series. Once the season ended, free agency and trades changed much of the baseball landscape.

The Cardinals and Marlins kick off opening night for the MLB, and many teams start their seasons on Thursday.

A few of the same teams remain the favorites, as the Yankees and Phillies are expected to compete for a World Series title. The Angels, Marlins and Tigers are among some of the clubs that have become popular picks to do well, after they all made some big signings in the offseason.

Here are some predictions for the 2012 MLB Season:

American League

MVP: Adrian Gonzalez

Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia

ROY: Matt Moore

Wild Card: Red Sox, Angels

ALCS: Yankees over Rangers

National League

MVP: Jose Reyes

Cy Young: Cliff Lee

ROY: Yonder Alonso

Wild Card: Dodgers, Marlins

NLCS: Giants over Phillies

World Series: Yankees over Giants 


East                                   Central                                                 West

New York                            Detroit                                                   Texas

Boston                               Cleveland                                               LA

Tampa Bay                        Minnesota                                               Oakland

Toronto                              Kansas City                                            Seattle

Baltimore                            Chicago White Sox

East                                    Central                                                 West

Philadelphia                        Milwaukee                                              San Francisco

Miami                                  Cincinnati                                               LA

Atlanta                                St. Louis                                                 Arizona

Washington                        Chicago Cubs                                         Colorado

NY Mets                              Pittsburgh Pirates                                   San Diego

                                           Houston Astros