Hundred of spectators turned up to see participants being pulled by horses to reach the finish line during the 2012 World Skijoring Championship held over the weekend in Whitefish, Montana.

The championship consists of Open Division, Sport Division and Novice Division competitions. Mule races are also a part of Skijoring championships.

Skier Cody Smith of Spokane and horseman Joe Scanlon of Helena won the top prize in the Open Division competition at Montana’s Skijoring championship in which about 73 teams participated, according to the organizers.

Skijoring, which originated in Scandinavia about 700 years ago as a means of transport during the winter months, is a specialized competitive sport where competitors on skis are pulled by a horse, dog or motor vehicle.

It’s a common winter sport held in many countries when there is snow in winter. Only horses and mules are used in the championships.

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