Months after the 2013 NFL Draft and the start of free agency, teams are essentially done making any major acquisitions.  There has been a lot of player movement since the Super Bowl, causing a change in some betting odds for next year’s title.

The San Francisco 49ers have surpassed the New England Patriots as the favorites to win it all in February. After losing Wes Welker, and the arrest of Aaron Hernandez, New England’s odds are now set at 9/1. Moving from 6/1, the Patriots have the fourth-best odds to win it all.

Denver is the favorite to reach the Super Bowl from the AFC. Peyton Manning added a top receiving target with the addition of Welker, but the Broncos defense took a hit when they lost Elvis Dumervil to the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent.

No legitimate title contender saw their odds fall in the last few months more than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their odds went from 18/1 to 28/1 after losing Mike Wallace to the Miami Dolphins and Rashard Mendenhall to the Arizona Cardinals. Pittsburgh failed to add any major free agents in the offseason.

The New York Jets odds also dropped dramatically, moving from 66/1 to 100/1. New York drafted Geno Smith in April, and the team could be even worse than their 6-10 record from 2012 if they start a rookie at quarterback.

The Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars are tied at the bottom of the NFL with 200/1 odds. Oakland’s odds became the same as Jacksonville after they traded Carson Palmer. The veteran quarterback be replaced by Matt Flynn, who was recently named the worst starting quarterback on a list composed by ESPN.

Below are updated betting odds for the 2014 Super Bowl for all 32 NFL teams. All of the numbers come from the online betting Web site Bovada.

San Francisco 49ers        6/1

Denver Broncos              13/2

Seattle Seahawks            8/1

New England Patriots     9/1

Green Bay Packers          12/1

Atlanta Falcons               14/1

Houston Texans              18/1

New Orleans Saints         18/1

New York Giants             22/1

Baltimore Ravens            22/1

Pittsburgh Steelers          28/1

Chicago Bears                  28/1

Dallas Cowboys               33/1

Cincinnati Bengals            33/1

Washington Redskins       33/1

Indianapolis Colts            40/1

Detroit Lions                    40/1

Miami Dolphins               40/1

Philadelphia Eagles          40/1

Minnesota Vikings           40/1

St. Louis Rams                 40/1

San Diego Chargers          50/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers    50/1

Kansas City Chiefs            50/1

Carolina Panthers            66/1

New York Jets                  100/1

Cleveland Browns             100/1

Arizona Cardinals             125/1

Buffalo Bills                      150/1

Tennessee Titans               150/1

Oakland Raiders                200/1

Jacksonville Jaguars          200/1