Fisherman Robert Malone got the catch of his life when he hauled in a 27-pound lobster off the coast of Maine.

Malone donated the giant lobster to the Department of Marine Resources instead of sending it straight to boil. Director Aimee Hayden-Rodriquez of the Maine State Aquarium said the lobster was caught in Boothbay Harbor, reported The Associated Press.

The monstrous Maine lobster was nearly 40 inches long. Malone caught the lobster in the Rockland area and aptly named the crustacean named Rocky. However, Hayden Rodriquez said the name might have derived from Rocky, the film about the underdog boxer subce the lobster has huge claws.

The lobster is said to be the biggest ever to be brought to the aquarium. The previous record was held by a lobster that was mere four pounds, puny compared to Rocky. To put the beast into perspective, most people eat a lobster that is typically between one and three pounds, the AP reported.

The lobster has a span longer than the world's smallest man. According The National, the smallest man on Earth is a mere, 27 inches, about the size of a toddler.

However, the largest lobster ever recorded was a massive 40-pounder off the coast of Nova Scotia.

The aquarium promised to release the lobster back into the sea.

'Rocky' was released at 11 a.m. this morning, as promised, according to the aqurium's Facebook.