Move over Golden Girls, there's a whole new group of grandmas in town, and these firecrackers known as the 3 Golden Sisters don't hold back on anything in their videos -- which have become viral Internet sensations - including the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape and the meaning behind 4/20.

After creating a website back in Janaury, 81-year-old Mary and 72-year-old twins Teresa and Josie collectively known as the 3 Golden Sisters already have a sizeable Internet following. And their following continued to grow exponentially after one Reddit user posted one of their videos on the Internet news sharing website on Monday, which has nearly 2,000 comments as of Tuesday.

But who is this comedy tripod who has been making the rounds on the Internet?

According to their website, the three sisters are Italian Bronx-natives and are all hairdressers. Mary, 81, is the oldest of the three and works at a hair salon. Teresa, 72, was formerly a hairdressed for 35 years before buying a talent agency which discovered Shia LeBeouf. Her twin sister Josie also owns her own salon in California. All of the women are grandmothers: Mary has two sons, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Teresa has two kids, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Josie has four kids and some grand-children.

Most importantly, growing up in a tight-knit family of six, these grandmas are as close as ever.

Of course one of my favorite pastimes is spending time with my sisters, Josie wrote on the website. We are all over 70 and love talking about what we've learned during our lifetimes, she continued.

We do love each other and often talk about our lives and how lucky we were to be raised in a warm, loving family, Mary wrote about her sisters. We love to get together and cook our favorite Italian recipes.

My two sisters and I love to cook, laugh, dance and sing, Teresa wrote. We make each others lives easier. Love has a way of doing that. We socialize often and it re-energizes each of us with more love. Except when we argue, get upset and call each other names.

But nothing beats the name-calling these fast-mouthed ladies called Ray-J in their video talking about the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

The end is purple! Teresa shouted, while the three giggled watching the video.

What is her problem? Mary asked. She's just layin' there!

The trio continues on with some unabashed criticism for the video, which you can watch over at their website, along with other videos in honor of 4/20 where the 3 Golden Sisters inspect Mary's grandson's bong and another where they lip sync Whitney Houston.