April, 20, also known as 420, is a day primarily associated with the consumption of cannabis. Appropriately, it is also the release date of Marley, the definitive film about reggae superstar, Bob Marley.

As many fans of Marley's songs often associate his music and his persona with marijuana, movie director Kevin Macdonald saw it most fitting to release his Marley documentary on the day that is widely known as, 420 Day.

Marley, which is being released in select theatres, Video On Demand, and Facebook, takes an in-depth look at Bob Marley's life and work.

From growing up poor in Jamaica as the son of a Jamaican mother and a white British military man, to becoming the world's first third-world superstar, the movie includes interviews with friends, family members, lovers, and fellow musicians.

Also included are never-before-seen photos and footage of Marley both onstage and off.

I thought I knew him, but now I really know him and I love him more. And I love his music more now that I know him more, Ziggy Marley, Bob's eldest son, told USA Today.

That is what I want -- people to know him more and feel for him as a person, what he has been through.

Marley, who died of malignant melanoma in 1981, at age 36, has been the subject of several documentaries in the past.

But as his family, including wife Rita, mother Cedella Marley Booker and his children, has never been included in the creation of a film before, this one has been labeled as the definitive Bob Marley film.

Because there has been so much that has been done and has been said that we weren't really involved with . . . I wanted to be involved with something where I could have a voice, Ziggy, an executive producer on the film, told USA Today.

The film, directed by Kevin Macdonald, is an oral history of Bob Marley with tons of music moments and rarities, including concert footage of the song Exodus, from a 1978 Boston concert, as well as an unreleased No Woman, No Cry demo and an a cappella version of Kaya.

According to Ziggy Marley, the film can be very informative for people who don't know much about his late father and his music.

This is something very important for my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren and every generation after this. This is the definitive thing that I want my kids to know about (their) grandfather.

Check out the trailer for Marley, the documentary film from Academy Award winning director, Kevin Mcdonald.