Here's a rundown of the top 5 freakiest My Strange Addiction videos, from the girl who sniffs a doll head wherever she goes to the man who has a romantic obsession with his car.

TLC's new hit show My Strange Addiction may be the weirdest show on TV, and it just keeps getting more insane each month.

This is one of the most difficult lists we've ever had to compile, as every single person who has been on the show seems to have more than a few screws loose, but this is our attempt to provide you with a breakdown of the 5 freakiest My Strange Addiction episodes, in no particular order:

1. Doll-Head Sniffer: This girl has carried a decapitated doll's head around with her since she was a child, and has grown quite an affinity for it. She started carrying it for comfort, but grew over time to enjoy its smell as well, describing it as smelling like marshmallows. Not the average Barbie fan, this girl. Enter her crazy world by clicking play below (the first half of the video focuses on a woman addicted to gasoline, who didn't make the cut for this list, but is odd enough in her own right):

2. Car Romancer: The guy in this video has an odd love life. He may be happily married to a woman, but his true romance is his red car, which he named Chase. In this video you can see him kiss and caress the car, which he says was love at first sight. His body and his interior and everything just together just seemed to fit and I just felt an instant connection. He also whispers sweet nothings to the vehicle, and points out the spot on the hood which he considers to be the most sexy part of the vehicle. He has a severe case of objectophilia, in which someone sexualizes an inanimate object:

3. She Who Eats Her Husband's Ashes: This 26-year-old woman is having a hard time getting over her husband. She carries his urn with her to the movies, restaurants, grocery store, and even to bed. She talks to the urn and makes food for him that she does not eat. She makes sure to ask him what he wants at many points throughout the day. Her husband died of an asthma attack two months before the show filmed. She calls that day the day my life fell apart. And she eventually even began to eat her husband's ashes after some of them accidentally got on her finger. I'm eating my husband, she says in this clip. See for yourself below:

4. Dead Animal Addict: This 28-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., fashion designer is addicted to dead animals. She says she has more than 50 dead animals in her tiny apartment. She says she is addicted to taxidermy, and that she loves finding dead animals and stuffing them. She has a dead deer, bobcat, goose, and other animals that she has stuffed herself and left around her apartment. She works on taxidermy every day and goes out looking for dead animals in a nearby park everyday. There's a bond you form with any animal you work with, she says. If you can stomach watching her scrape the brains out, poke the eyeballs out, [and] sew them up, as she describes it, click below:

5. The Adult Baby: This 25-year-old transgendered woman seems like she's two years old, as she is addicted to dressing and acting like a baby. I'm addicted to being an adult baby. I dress like a baby as often as I can, she explains. She says she dresses like a baby 12 hours a day and sleeps in a full-sized crib in her nursery-like bedroom every night. She also sucks on a pacifier and has worn diapers since she was about 13 years old. She says that when I was younger I felt shame, but that she has become more comfortable with it over time, and that she has met at least a couple of friends who are OK with her addiction. I definitely don't tell people unless I think they're going to be OK with this. It's my little secret, she explains. You can get in on her secret by watching the clip below: