First Area Of The Body Affected By COVID-19, Expert Tells All

The coronavirus pandemic has been proven to be deadly to many people, although thousands have also recovered from the infection. This means it can be fatal to some but not to others. There is also a question as to what part of the body is first affected by the virus and what symptoms to expect?

Toxic Caterpillar Outbreak Hits London

The biggest infestation of Oak Processionary Moths (OPM), which were in their larval stage, were recorded in Greater London, stemming from Kingston upon Thames to Brent.

Testosterone Explains Why Asthma Is More Common In Women

In children, asthma is more common in boys than girls. But around the time of puberty, there is a reversal. Adult and middle aged women were found to be twice as likely to be affected by bronchial asthma, compared to adult men.


Vitamin D for asthma patients

How Vitamin D Reduces Severe Asthma Symptoms

The researchers, however, warned that further tests were required before giving patients official advice as it was unclear whether it only helped patients with low levels of vitamin D.