Fans of Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer have pledged their undying support and love for the band's singer and guitarist Michael Clifford after he told fans he was struggling with mental health issues.

“I was fixing some problems with my mental health… I just saw a therapist real quick on the break we had,” the 19-year-old singer said during a recent tour stop in Auburn Hills, Michigan, MTV News reported. The teenager did not get into details about his problem.

“Anyways, I’m going to shut up now. We’re gonna play another song if it’s OK?” he told the audience after the brief revelation.

The fans of the band applauded Clifford on Twitter for his brave confession on stage. “Michael says in this video that hes been seeing a therapist for his mental health issues. We love you! Always here!” posted one of their fans, @jetaimemgc on Twitter. 

“It takes a lot of courage to share this with us, and far out I love him so much ‪#WeLoveYouMichael,” tweeted another fan @5SOS_Updates.

Clifford's confession about seeing a mental health therapist comes after a similar revelation by bandmate Ashton Irwin. The 21-year-old Australian drummer has also faced mental health problems in past.

While talking to Sydney Morning Herald in June, Irwin said he had "dealt with anxiety and depression in my life" and hoped the the band's music will help youngsters deal with their problems.

"With our next album we want to sort of have more messages for life involved in what we do because we have a voice for young people," Irwin told the newspaper in June. He also added that their next album, “Sounds Good Feels Good,” will also have songs on similar themes.

“Sounds Good Feels Good” is scheduled for an Oct. 23 release.