Now that we've elected a president and laughed heartily at Karl Rove, we can finally devote all of our time to the most important event of the year. Yes, you guessed it, fellas -- the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is tonight.


But you don't want to go out there and be that guy who asks why Kirsty Alley isn't on the runway. You have to come prepared to watch the VS fashion show, because there's plenty of folks out there who play for keeps and they won't tolerate your buffoonery.


After all, we're talking about angel's here (albeit ones wearing lingerie worth more than Cameroon's GDP.)


At the VS show tonight, there's a lot to look out for. If you're going to a viewing party held in your creepy buddy's basement, you'll need to know this stuff when you show up with Cool Ranch Doritos.


Here are five things to look out for tonight so your friends don't throw you in the other room to watch repeats of “Extreme Couponing."