A Thanksgiving meal isn't complete without a sweet veggie dish on the side.

The Internet has been buzzing with searches for Sweet Potato Casseroles. Here we have narrowed down five Web sites that have tasty and simple Sweet Potato Casserole recipes that will sure to have your entire family asking for second.

1. Epicurious: In this recipe the potatoes aren't boiled before they are mashed. Instead, they are baked and so are less watery and have better flavor.

2. Martha Stewart:This is a simple recipe with marshmallows.

3. Food Network: This recipe is perfect for anyone who doesn't want a sweet potato casserole that is too sweet.

4. Food.com: If you like your sweet potato casserole creamy and delicious then you will love this recipe.

5. Eating Well: Want to add a little something more to your sweet potato casserole? Perhaps a flavor of honey or orange? If so, try this recipe and jazz up the dinner table.

Bon Appetit and Happy Thanksgiving!