50 Cent is not leaving any opportunity of slamming Meek Mill after their feud reignited over the weekend. The "Outta Control" rapper once again took to his Istagram account Tuesday to target Nicki Minaj's boyfriend, giving rise to speculation that their feud may go on for months just as Mill's beef with Drake.

The 40-year-old American rapper took to his Instagram account to post a screenshot of an earlier image of Mill's meme. The screenshot shows Mill's comments on 50 Cent's earlier post. 50 Cent captioned the photo: "I just landed and I see this, this... head must be on some good drugs. We don't start and stop when you feel like it. You started for no reason, get to the gangsta shit you know I like that... Head. #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO."


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The earlier image of Mill's meme in which the Philadelphia rapper was seen receiving a certificate for "Most L's taken 2015-2016" was captioned: "You know you only trying to donate so you can try and use it in court ... head. You don't have money to give away. When Nikki find out you playing with her money boy,oh boy your in for it."

Just after 50 Cent's post Tuesday, Mill took to his Instagram account to post the photo of a quote that reads: "You can have great wealth and be miserable, or, you can have very little and still be happy. It's all in your approach to life."

Several social media users speculated that the message was aimed at 50 Cent. However, Mill made no direct reference to whom the quote was aimed at.

The feud between 50 Cent and Mill fuelled over the weekend after Minaj's boyfriend dissed former in his surprise four-song EP that featured a song called "Gave ‘Em Hope." After learning about the track, 50 Cent fired back at Mill saying that he should focus on getting his girlfriend pregnant as his career is over.

After 50 Cent pulled Minaj into their public spat Sunday, Mill once again hit back at the former with a lengthy Instagram post. On Monday, Mill acknowledged one of his fan's request for charity for the Flint crisis, promising to donate money. But this was not all, the "House Party" rapper called out to 50 Cent to match up to his donation.

50 Cent responded to Mill's challenge to join in donating to Flint, Michigan, saying that Minaj's boyfriend wanted to do the charity work to show in court. Mill is going through some legal trouble linked to his 2009 drug and gun case.

Mill has not only be part of a beef with 50 Cent but also with rapper Drake. Mill and Drake's feud began in July 2015 after the former slammed the Canadian rapper for using ghostwriters for his songs. The battle heated up with the two rappers releasing diss tracks for each other.