Meloni, Le Pen Flirt With Combining EU Far-right Forces

Analysts say a far-right surge might tempt the EPP grouping of European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen to adopt their policies
Europe's far-right figureheads Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni are hinting they could join forces following this summer's EU elections, after Le Pen's French party announced a break with its radical German ally AfD. The overtures presage a possible reconfiguration of nationalist parties' alliances after voters decide the next European Parliament in June 6-9 elections.
BIWC Group

BIWC Group: Unveiling the Shadows of corporate deception

In the cutthroat world of business, trust can often be elusive, and it can take a team of skilled professionals to expose deception and protect the innocent. This is where BIWC Group enters the stage; a business intelligence agency led by ex-Israeli special forces with a global network of contacts and an almost endless outreach.
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The switch to electric vehicles means platinum -- used in the manufacture of catalytic converters for high-polluting petrol engines -- faces a dim long-term future

Platinum Loses Shine Amid BHP's Vast Anglo Bid

Platinum prices are rising due to tight supplies although the metal has fallen out of favour as miner Anglo American seeks to offload assets and fight a vast takeover bid from Australian rival BHP. The metal is used in the manufacture of catalytic converters for high-polluting petrol engines -- but demand has long been forecast to slump as more drivers switch to greener electric cars.
Raisi has held a succession of top posts within the Islamic republic

Raisi Death Reshapes Iran Succession, Puts Focus On Khamenei Son

The death in a helicopter crash of president Ebrahim Raisi, seen as a possible successor to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has reshuffled the cards in the succession process and increased the spotlight on the Iranian number one's son Mojtaba as a contender.


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