Comic-Con Fans Assemble As Marvel Eyes Major Reboot

Comic-Con is one of the world's largest pop culture events
Comic-Con returns in full force to San Diego this week, where a hugely anticipated Marvel superhero film event is among the draws for tens of thousands of hyped-up fans dressed as fantasy heroes and sci-fi villains.
BIWC Group

BIWC Group: Unveiling the Shadows of corporate deception

In the cutthroat world of business, trust can often be elusive, and it can take a team of skilled professionals to expose deception and protect the innocent. This is where BIWC Group enters the stage; a business intelligence agency led by ex-Israeli special forces with a global network of contacts and an almost endless outreach.
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Towards the end of his life, Mujib abolished multi-party democracy and imposed media restrictions that shuttered all but four state-controlled newspapers

Burned TV Station Showcases Anger At Bangladesh PM

Torn portraits of Bangladesh's independence hero litter a ransacked state television station -- a pointed expression of public fury against his daughter, who just witnessed the worst unrest of her premiership.
Map showing the approximate area of the deadly landslide in Southern Ethiopia

Search Goes On After Ethiopia Landslides Kill 229

Rescuers aided by drones were continuing a desperate search on Wednesday for possible survivors of devastating landslides in an isolated area of southern Ethiopia that have claimed the lives of at least 229 people.
People stand at the site after a Saurya Airlines' plane crashed during takeoff at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu

Plane Crashes In Nepal With 19 Aboard, Several Dead

A passenger plane carrying 19 people crashed during takeoff in Kathmandu on Wednesday with the pilot surviving but "many" others aboard dead, police in the Nepali capital told AFP. Nepal has a woeful track record on aviation safety and the Himalayan republic has seen a spate of deadly light plane and helicopter crashes over the decades.
Former US president and 2024 Republican White House candidate Donald Trump stands on stage after accepting his party's presidential nomination

Biden To Address US As Clock Ticks On Presidency

US President Joe Biden will give what could be his final Oval Office speech Wednesday to explain why he dropped out of November's election and deny that he will spend six months as a lame duck.


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