The US Commerce Department said it would prohibit the sale of Kaspersy's software in the United States

US Bans Russia's Kaspersky Antivirus Software

The United States on Thursday banned Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky from providing its popular antivirus products in the country on national security grounds, the US Commerce Department announced.

Niger Revokes French Operating Licence At Major Uranium Mine

Niger citizens celebrated the departure of French troops in 2023
Niger has revoked the operating licence of French nuclear fuel producer Orano at one of the world's biggest uranium mines, the company said Thursday, in a move that highlighted tensions between France and the African country's ruling junta.
BIWC Group

BIWC Group: Unveiling the Shadows of corporate deception

In the cutthroat world of business, trust can often be elusive, and it can take a team of skilled professionals to expose deception and protect the innocent. This is where BIWC Group enters the stage; a business intelligence agency led by ex-Israeli special forces with a global network of contacts and an almost endless outreach.
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Rutte is set to become the next head of NATO after his only rival drops out

Rutte Seals NATO Top Job After Lone Rival Drops Out

Outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Thursday clinched the race to become the next head of NATO at a pivotal time for the alliance, after sole challenger Romanian President Klaus Iohannis pulled out.
Attal is leading the government campaign

Macron Angers French Left, Far Right Insists No NATO Exit

President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday faced accusations of transphobia after lashing out at the snap election manifesto of a new left-wing coalition, while the far-right party leader insisted he would not question France's international commitments including on NATO. With less than two weeks before the first round of polling in the snap elections called by Macron in response to his party's defeat by the far right in European polls, the president is struggling to make up ground.


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