Addressing the latest beef with rapper 50 Cent, Meek Mill said on Instagram Thursday,  that he submits to the “In Da Club” rapper's memes. The beef between the two rappers began over the weekend after Mill released a new song, “Gave ‘Em Hope,” in which he suggested that 50 Cent was gay and also dissed him for filing for bankruptcy protection last year.

Since the weekend, 50 Cent has posted several photos on Instagram dissing the "All Eyes on You" rapper and responded to the song saying that Mill should focus on getting his girlfriend Nicki Minaj pregnant because his career is over. The post was followed by several others where the two took jibes at each other.


Just stop @50cent _____ u like 40 something doing memes and shit.... I submit to your memes lol

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On Monday, Mill had promised a fan that he would end his feud with 50 Cent and donate 60,000 bottles of water to Flint Child and Family Health Development Fund in Michigan. Even while making the promise, Mill challenged 50 Cent to match up to him. He wrote on Instagram: “I got 50k to donate to waters ... Let's see if we can have @50cent match me!" adding: "I'm pretty sure ‘flint’ supported us! Serious post contact .... Roc nation will purchase for me and ship! Not even just him all entertainers! I ain't got the tine posting memes and shit... ‘Way too trill for that’ @dallaslifestyle it's my dawg hometown too!#FORMLKDAY.”

50 Cent responded to the challenge and posted a photo of Mill on Instagram, captioning it: “You know you only trying to donate so you can try and use it in court _ head. You don't have money to give away. When Nikki find out you playing with her money boy, oh boy your in for it.”

Mill was found guilty of violating his probation last month and reports have claimed that he is losing millions because of it.

In another Instagram post Thursday, the "Outta Control" rapper shared a photo of Mill, captioning it: “LETS GET THAT WATER OUT TO FLINT MEEKA, but can you donate to the people right next to you so they don't have to go to jail over food. LMAO.”

In yet another post, 50 Cent wrote: “Now this is ya man Biz right? Yal in these streets right slow, right Meek. I'm a post the paper work and show everybody how Yal really moving out here. SMH Heads, what kinda drugs Yal on Damn. Sexual Assault?”

Minaj's boyfriend has also been in a feud with Drake since July 2015, which started after he accused the “Hotline Bling” rapper of using ghostwriters for his song. The beef led to both the rappers releasing several diss tracks about each other.