Rapper 50 Cent filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Rick Ross suing him for using the former’s “In Da Club” song to promote his latest album “Black Market,” according to reports. The “Outta Control” rapper is reportedly seeking over $2 million in compensation for using the beat of the song in Ross’ mixtape “Renzel Remixes.”

The lawsuit is seen as another retaliation move by 50 Cent against Ross as part of their ongoing feud, which heated up few months ago, TMZ reported.

"50 Cent's most valuable asset is the name and reputation he has painstakingly built through his Grammy-winning music, acting, and business endeavors," a legal representative for 50 told Billboard. "He chooses his projects carefully for the very purpose of protecting that name and reputation."

"Our complaint alleges that Rick Ross has taken these without permission to advertise his own album, and violated 50 Cent's rights in the process, and we believe he should be held liable," the lawsuit reportedly reads.

The feud between 50 Cent and the founder of record label Maybach Music Group reportedly dates back to 2010 when the former was ordered to pay $7 million as compensation for leaking a sex tape that featured a Florida woman, believed to be the mother of Ross’ child.

However, the feud recently intensified after 50 Cent posted an Instagram photo of Ross on a cheap T-shirt. 50 Cent eventually deleted the post, but Ross had already retaliated by slamming the rapper for filing for bankruptcy protection.

Earlier this month, 50 Cent interrupted a radio interview to slam Ross' "Black Market" album. While promoting his new mixtape “The Kanan” at radio show “This is 50,” the “Power” actor started looking up how many copies of “Black Market” were sold in its first week. 50 Cent reportedly alleged that Ross and his label had purchased 15,000 copies of “Black Market” to help boost sales.

"We will use every legal tool available to remedy what we allege is an unauthorized use of 50 Cent's name, identity, and trademark. 50 Cent actively and generously collaborates with fellow hip-hop artists, but we maintain that this is a case of outright misappropriation. 50 Cent had absolutely nothing to do with Black Market or the mixtape that preceded it," Craig Weiner, partner at Robins Kaplan LLP, which is representing 50 Cent in the latest lawsuit said, according to Billboard.