The hype over which Hollywood actor will play "Fifty Shades of Grey's" lead role, Christian Grey, has yet to subside. Fans have already chosen their favorites to play the roles of their beloved characters, with "True Blood's" Alexander Skarsgard being at the top of many fan lists. 

In fact, unlike some actors who have came out and said they have no internet in playing the role of the charming sadist, Skarsgard attempted to make the cast as to why he would make an exceptional Mr. Grey. 

The Viking vampire has some tough competition when it comes to the film's lead role. Television actors like Ian Somerholder and Matt Bomer are substatial front runners, at least as far as fans are concerned. 

But when talking to the Daily Chilli, Skarsgard explained why he could portray the gorgeous "control freak" best. Specifically, they asked him if he would be comfortable playing the "hard limit" Grey to which he confidently responded:

"Absolutely. That wouldn't be an issue. I have a sex champer in my basement-- my character on 'True Blood [does]-- so I've had training."

According to Gather, Ian Somerhalder recently said he would like to have a sex dungeon installed in his house. It would be perfect pratice to get him ready for Christian Grey's red room of pain; maybe he's trying to compete with his fellow television blood sucking actor.

Interestingly enough, some Alexander Skarsgard fans believe him to be "too good' to be in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, the website said. 

Even though he is one of the lead actors on HBO's hit show, he did recently star in box office bomb "Battleship," so it seems some of his fans are closed minded when it comes to the roles Skarsgard is capable of playing. 

Since he would be willing to sign onto a flick based on a popular board game from the 90s, it seems unlikely that he would be opposed to being the lead actor of a popular erotic novel that has gotten house moms whispering about E.L. James' characters all over the world. 

When talking to the Daily Chilli Skarsgard seemed excited for the chance to play Mr. Grey, a far cry that he is "too good" for the role. 

After he was asked about how he felt about the sex scenes he told the website: 

"[Sex scenes] don't bother me at all.I don't find it uncomfortable or difficult at all. Relax, enjoy and have fun with it. That's my trick." 

The two main critisms that would come with Skarsgard being cast as Christian Grey is that he is older than the character by quite a few years, and E.L. James describes her leading man as having dark hair. 

However, that's not to say that Skarsgard would not dye his hair for the role, nor would it be the first time that Hollywood casted an older actor to play the role of a younger character. 

Ryan Gosling is pracitcally out of the running for Christian Grey because it was rumored by Bret Easton Ellis that the film adaptation of the popular erotic novel was not given that high of a budget to afford a superstar actor like Gosling. 

The "American Psycho" writer also divulged that his "The Canyons" actor, male porn star James Deen, was also in the running to be cast as Christian Grey, but that has no been comfirmed by another other sources. 

Every once in awhile author E.L. James takes to her Twitter account to dispell acting rumoros, especially before producers and screen writers were brought aborad the film. 

However, since Kelly Monaco was announced to be writing the screen play, it seems that the film only needs a director before casting actors for the roles are in the near future.