Apparently “Fifty Shades of Grey” fans will be upset with the actor who is cast as Christian in the movie adaptation of E.L. James’ hit erotica series, producer Dana Brunetti said during a radio interview with Northwest Prime, via That’s right, “Fifty Shades” movie-cast-rumor-lovers; kiss those dreams of a Henry Cavill, Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder or Ryan Gosling Christian Grey goodbye.

The movie’s producer gave up some coveted secrets during the interview and one pretty depressing blow-- that the fans of the “love story with a kink” will be “disappointed” with the sexy Seattle billionaire. Brunetti revealed that no matter who is chosen for the role, whether it be a fan favorite or not, some people will undoubtedly be upset since it’s practically impossible to cast the person that someone pictures as Grey while reading the series.

Producers are paying attention to all the fan favorites and popular rumors surrounding the movie, but they have to see if the lead actors who will play Christian and Anastasia Steele have the right chemistry before they are officially cast. Let's be real, who would want to see two people who gave off a brother-sister vibe on the big screen-- gross. That's part of the reason it's been taking the crew so long to find the right Christian and Ana. 

It seems like it’s been a long time coming, but the lead actors chosen won’t be revealed until after Labor Day. On a positive note, the delayed casting won’t affect the Aug. 1, 2014, release day, surprisingly, The Stir wrote.

There aren't any current plans to make the sequel books, “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed,” into a movie, but according to Brunetti, it’s something they would be interested in doing in the future. At the moment they are just trying to focus on the first movie.