An unsuspecting waitress at Thre3e Wise Men Brewing Company in Indianapolis received a $500 tip Monday afternoon as a part of a dying wish of a customer’s brother.

When Server Beth Foster came in to work on Monday she had no idea that she would be on the receiving end of a wish made by Aaron Collins almost one year ago. Foster, who died on July 7 of unknown causes, left instructions for his family to “leave an awesome tip (and I don't mean 25%. I mean $500 on a ... pizza)."

But when Aaron’s brother Seth and his family decided to follow the instructions in his late brother's will to leave an astronomical amount of money for a random restaurant server and tape the reaction, he had no idea that the video would take off on the internet. The video has since gone viral and money from donors started pouring in for Seth Collins to do it again.

Seth has collected $60,000, and plans to travel to all 50 states and give out a $500 tip each week until the money is gone.

Foster, who is a struggling school teacher, is the 54th recipient of a $500 tip given in Aaron’s memory.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life,” server Beth Foster told ABC News’ Indianapolis, affiliate WRTV. “I’m a teacher just looking for a job and it’s kind of hard right now.” Seth chronicles each tip on a blog dedicated to Aaron’s memory. “It never gets old. I knew about the third one that it was never going to get old,” Seth Collins said.