Microsoft’s Mango, a Windows Phone7 update comes with 500 new features joining the likes of iOS and Android which have become market leaders after flaunting their new capabilities.

Although Windows Phone7 was a runner up in the smartphone stakes, Microsoft has groomed the new Mango update with features of Windows Phone7 along with others that were missing in the earlier version.

Here is a look at some of the important features:

The new messaging app makes it easy to switch between SMS, Facebook chat, and Windows Live Messenger within the same thread. AIM or Google GTalk integration is another useful feature. Conversations in email messages can be consolidated into a single view that you can follow more easily. Also inbox groups can be made If you have two work-related inboxes -- you can group them together to see all of the messages in one place, and you keep your work email accounts separate from your personal email. You can also pin any of your inboxes to your homescreen for quick access.

Mango extends multitasking to third-party apps and Internet Explorer 9. IE9 is much more faster than any other browser for rendering pages. The Windows Phone 7 Mango device loads much faster than iPhone, Blackbery and Android device. On comparing the three, the BlackBerry loads at 4fps, the Android device at 10fps while the Windows Phone 7 Mango device loads at 26fps.

Another feature that differentiates Windows Phone 7 from iOS and Android is its approach to apps. Previously, on other platforms applications would function independently without communicating with the device. However on Mango, everything interacts with the device as it introduces an integrated solution. App Connect is a new feature that ties apps to search results in Bing and it incorporates information from each of your apps — music app or weather app into the search. With the growing popularity of Mango, developers will integrate more apps into the existing app.

In Mango, you don’t have to hop around to different apps to communicate with your friends or colleagues. The People Hub connects Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, LinkedIn, and Windows Live messenger in one place. You can also make groups and categorize your contacts — friends, coworkers, enemies, or whatever and the people tiles will update within a group. You can send messages to the whole group individually within the Public Hub. With Live Tiles, the widgets can be updated and you can also customize and rearrange it on your homescreen, which will have more real-time information in Mango.

You can also tag pictures within the Picture Hub, as it can detect any photo of a person and ask whether you want to tag it, when you share a photo on Facebook or Skype.

The Music and Video Hub integrates Youtube, and Slacker. So you can easily see a list of the videos you watched or the songs you listened to on those services. There's even a playlist creator in the Zune Player called Smart DJ that creates mixes based on similar songs in your collection.

With the Mango update, Microsoft has made apps and OS work together more efficiently with an improved multi-tasking. In the next generation Windows Phone 7 devices, Microsoft is expected to improve on its hardware to beat the frenzy created by Android and iPhone.