At least 6 killed in Taliban suicide bomb attack in a police building in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, officials told Reuters.

Four suicide bombers wearing explosive-packed suicide vests entered into police building in the eastern city of Khost, near the Pakistan border. “Three policemen, two Afghan Soldiers and a gardener were in the killed the attack,” Hamid Karzai, Afghan President told Reuters.

The persons who organized the attacks can be counted as ignorant, Karzai said in a statement.

Two explosions and gunfire were heard soon after the attack.

Violence across Afghanistan has risen in recent weeks after Taliban announced spring offensive with attacks against to secure targets across the country. The attack in Khost came the day after six medical students were killed and 20 wounded inside the cafeteria of the main military hospital in a heavily guarded area.


“Two of the suicide bombers blew themselves up during the siege and the others two were shot dead before they could explode,” said Abdul Jabar Naeemi, the governor of Khost province.

“The suicide bombers were wearing border police uniforms and broke into the traffic police headquarters,” said Abdul Hakim Esaaqzai, Khost police chief.

A car was found with explosives near the building, said Interior Ministry spokesman Zemari Bashary.