Two different U.K. crimes were solved recently after all eight robbers left behind the same evidence: their footprints.

Six people were arrested last week after robbing a convenience store by leading police directly to their location after leaving their footprints behind in the snow.

The criminals were caught a few blocks from One Stop Store in Whitnash after threatening shopkeepers, stealing money and lottery tickets Saturday, reports Metro.

Four individuals, including one 16-year-old girl, were arrested at the footprint uncovered location and charged with robbery; two others involved were arrested at a later time and were not charged.

The unidentified teen was released on bail after attending juvenile court; John Charles Ryder, 38, Kevin Lee McGregor 24 and Maggie Ryder, 47, remain in custody.

This snow bunny foursome are not the only criminals that forgot to cover their tracks, two Mirfield, U.K., brothers were also caught Feb. 11 after leaving footprints leading police right to their front door.

After failing to rob three nearby homes by removing door handles, Michael, 20,and Dale Coulson, 24, were arrested in Orlando Close, the Yorkshire Evening Post reports Thursday.

Police say Michael was wearing only boxer shorts and was out of breath when they caught up to him at his home. Authorities say a burglar’s kit including a face mask, gloves, a torch and tools were found at the location.

Dale was uncovered shortly after following his trail to a nearby apartment.

One of the victims said she saw the pair in her window at 1:55 a.m. and was “terrified.”

The brothers, who have a long criminal history including prison sentences for burglary, pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted burglary.

Judge David Hatton gave Michael a two-year prison sentence, two years suspension, 200 community service hours and a three month curfew, calling him “appalling”.

“You have an appalling record and you have become institutionalized because you have been in and out of prison so frequently,” said Hatton.