A 2013 survey from the National Retail Federation estimates that $1.04 billion will be spent on children’s Halloween costumes this year. Unfortunately, not all that money will be spent wisely.

Look no further than these children, whose parents decided against the trusted princess, ghost and cowboy costumes for their little ones and got "creative."


1. Jersey Shore

Meet the cast of Junior Jersey Shore, complete with Snooki’s telltale poof, Sami’s hoop earrings and Pauly D’s signature hair -- but without all the drama. The only thing missing is a fist pump.


2. Lil Wayne

Young Money is literally in the house, and he may still be potty training.


3. Baby Hooters

Well, Hooters has started taking steps to become a family restaurant.


4. Toddler Marlboro Cigarettes Costume

Forget Jack and Coke. A bottle of Jack Daniels and a baby pack of cigarettes is the way to go, according to this father.


5. Don Draper

Don Draper complete with whiskey, grey suit and pensive stare.


6. Suicide Bomber

Nothing says Halloween like the gleeful face of a child allowed to dress as a suicide bomber for the candy holiday.


7. Breaking Bad

"Breaking Bad" seems to have rubbed off on the younger generation. Here Baby Walt and Baby Jesse don yellow flannel onesies and goggles -- and one even has a "Heisenberg" name tag.


8. Baby Hitler

Little Hitler. Enough said.


9. Baby Homeless Man

This parent gets points (deducted?) for attention to detail. Baby homeless man has a size-appropriate shopping cart filled with bottles, a radio and a Salvation Army garbage bag top. This homeless baby also deserves an honorable mention.