Pictures of the 9/11 terrorist attacks aggregated on a newly launched website, reveal the horror, magnitude and shocking reality seen that day through the eyes of people who experienced it.

The 9/11 pictures portray most of the scenario during and after the attacks. Photographers captured how they saw the World Trade Center's towers on fire after been struck by the jets, their collapse and the streets and cars of downtown Manhattan covered with debris from the buildings.

Firefighters are seen on tough rescue duties, sometimes they seem perplexed, other times weary and with disappointment. People are also captured witnessing the destruction in apparent horror.

The website belongs to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum which also compiled more than 500 hours of first-person video tape with no less thrilling scenarios and personal stories.

Click here to go to the National 9/11 Memorial website.

In many ways, we are still trying to understand the far-reaching impact of the events of September 11, and so we are inviting people to share their personal accounts and perspectives with the Museum, said Memorial Museum Director Alice M. Greenwald in a statement Thursday.

The website was launched Thursday and the general public from the U.S. and abroad can submit images; video and personal stories about 9/11 to make a digital record of this historic event.

The Museum will be located on the World Trade Center site three years later.