As authorities investigate whether or not Aaron Hernandez is guilty of murder, details of the former NFL star’s past are beginning to surface. It’s been known that Hernandez has connections with those associated with gangs in his hometown. According to a report in the Boston Globe, Hernandez’s troubles may have begun during his childhood.

Hernandez was introduced to a life of crime at an early age. When he was in the sixth grade, his mother had a run-in with the police for booking illegal bets, according to the Boston Globe. Terri Hernandez’s accomplice was convicted of felony racketeering and professional gambling.

As a teen, Hernandez began associating with shady characters. It’s unknown if he ever had an official affiliation with a gang, but pictures from high school suggest that he was close with those involved in that kind of activity. One photo shows the former New England Patriots tight end wearing red and flashing gang signs of the Bloods.

There were concerns about Hernandez when he played college football for Florida and entered the NFL Draft in 2010. He was suspended with the Gators for failing a drug test and some NFL general managers were wary of taking him. His performance at Florida and potential, though, helped him be selected by the Patriots in the fourth round.

Despite becoming a professional football player, college friends of Hernandez say he continued to associate with those from his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut.

Even before Hernandez was allegedly involved in the death of Odin Lloyd, he had been involved in several incidents with his Bristol acquaintances. Police are investigating Hernandez’s involvement in the murder of two Cape Verdean immigrants in Boston that occurred last summer. Earlier this year, Hernandez allegedly shot Alexander Bradley, who is from Bristol and says he’s a former assistant of Hernandez.

Now, police are looking for evidence that could prove Hernandez shot and killed Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player. On Tuesday, authorities searched a pond in Bristol, but authorities claim that nothing had turned up. It is believed that police were searching for the .45 caliber handgun that was used to kill Lloyd.

"No evidence was recovered and, at the present time, no more dives are planned," Lt. Kevin Morrell told CNN's Susan Candiotti.

Prosecutors say surveillance footage shows Hernandez carrying a gun at his house a few minutes after Lloyd was shot five times.