Like many inmates, former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez has reportedly been writing letters, including to friends.

One such letter is apparently up for sale to the highest bidder, according to sports blog Barstool Sports, and supposedly details the 23-year-old’s belief that money changed everything, and that he can’t wait to prove people wrong. A friend of Hernandez allegedly sold the letter to a sports memorabilia store

The blog’s CEO and editor David Portnoy claimed in a post on Thursday afternoon that celebrity news site TMZ may also be in on the bidding, and the seller is asking for $20,000. Portnoy asked Barstool readers what they would do if they were in his shoes: buy or pass? He writes that some of the alleged letter’s highlights include:

When I made all that money, I fell off.”

“Can’t wait to get out and autograph this again when I’m playing again when I can prove all the haters and downtalkers WRONG”"

” And he still signed his name with the #81…”

It’s unknown right now if the jailhouse letter is even real, and if there is a way to authenticate it.

Hernandez is currently awaiting trial on first degree murder and weapons charges in connection with the death of friend Odin Lloyd, who was killed in June. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Hernandez played tight end for the New England Patriots for three seasons, and signed a multi-year $40 million contract extension in 2012.

While frowned upon by some, buying materials such as videos has been a practice at some news organizations. The most recent and famous example coming from Gawker, when it tried in May to raise $200,000 to purchase a video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine.