The girlfriend of Aaron Hernandez has been charged with perjury in connection to the former NFL player’s murder trial. Now, the prosecution has detailed the alleged lies she told under oath.

Shayanna Jenkins and her lawyer, Janice Bassil, have vehemently denied claims that she was dishonest in front of a grand jury, regarding what she did with possible evidence in the Odin Lloyd murder case. Lead prosecutor William McCauley doesn’t believe that that Hernandez’s girlfriend forgot where she disposed of a box that was given to her by Hernandez the day after Lloyd was killed.

The prosecution has filed a Bill of Particulars, which documents specific lies that Jenkins allegedly stated under oath. Bristol Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh ordered prosecutors to list Jenkins’s alleged falsehoods in writing because their accusations had not been detailed enough. The bill was filed before the due date of Dec. 2, specifying 29 times in which Jenkins lied to the grand jury.

The highlights of the bill include accusations that Jenkins did indeed talk to Hernandez about Lloyd’s murder. She claimed no such conversations took place, even though Lloyd had been killed near the couple’s house the night before she got rid of the possible evidence.  

According to the prosecution, much of Jenkins transgressions involve her pretending to not remember exactly what she did on the day after Lloyd was murdered. She claimed to forget several conversations with the ex-football player, in which Jenkins was told what to get rid of from their home. She also told the grand jury that she had forgot where she went after left Hernandez at the police station.

As the prosecution makes their case against Jenkins, the case against Hernandez continues to be delayed. He has a pretrial hearing scheduled for Dec. 13 in Fall River Superior Court. That date, however, has been postponed because Odin Lloyd’s family would not be able to attend. If for some reason the Hernandez’s lawyers and the family can’t agree on a new date, the hearing will be reset for the original day.

The postponement of the pretrial hearing comes almost a half-year following Hernandez’s arrest. The former New England Patriots tight end has been in prison since June 26 on murder charges, as well as gun-related charges. He is being held without bail.