Aaron Hernandez is no longer the only one facing murder charges in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd. Two of the former New England Patriot’s friends have been indicted for killing the semi-pro football player.

Prior to Friday, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace were being held in jail, accused of being accessories to Lloyd’s murder. Now, both face even stiffer charges.

"Ernest Wallace did not shoot or kill anybody," his attorney, David Meier, told CNN.

"The nature and timing of these new charges against Mr. Wallace speak for themselves,” Meier continued. “One can only ask are these charges based on the facts and the law or something else. Mr. Wallace looks forward to confronting his accusers in the courtroom."

According to the prosecution, Hernandez arranged Lloyd’s death. On the night Lloyd was killed, Hernandez, Ortiz and Wallace reportedly took him to a Massachusetts park, not far from the former NFL player’s house. Soon after, surveillance footage caught Hernandez returning home and holding a gun.

Less than a month after the shooting, it appeared that Ortiz would be a key witness in convicting Hernandez. He told authorities that Hernandez pulled the trigger resulting in Lloyd’s death, but his story has since changed.

"I was a bit shocked," John Connors said, Ortiz’s lawyer, told CNN. "I knew the matter had come up before a second grand jury ... but, to my knowledge, there's been no new discovery ... no new information."

"First, they charged him with being an accessory ... and now, all of a sudden they indict him for murder," Conners said. “Maybe, it's political."

All three men have pleaded not guilty to the original charges. Hernandez is being charged with first-degree murder, as well as weapons related chargers. A date has yet to be scheduled for the new charges.