The Green Bay Packers visit Seattle to face the Seahawks on Sunday in the NFC Championship, with Aaron Rodgers as a major storyline of the game. The Packers quarterback was not at full strength last week due to an injured calf, and was limited in practice this week.

Often when a star player like Rodgers is the center of attention, TV cameras will get shots of his wife or girlfriend. In Rodgers’s case, there will be no shots of his girlfriend, Olivia Munn, who confines her appearances to Lambeau Field.

“I go to every home game,” the 34-year-old actress said during an appearance on "Live with Kelly & Michael” on Thursday in New York. “The away games is when I go off and do my work. For every home game, I am definitely there. 

“I am in awe of what [NFL players] do. It’s really tough.”

There has not been word on Munn’s Twitter account if she would make an exception and attend the game at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. Should the Packers win, they would advance to the Super Bowl.

Munn is starring in a new film, “Mortdecai,” which will be released in theaters on Jan. 23. She previously appeared on “The Daily Show” and “The Newsroom.” 

There hasn’t been much discussion of Rodgers and Munn as a couple. Early in the interview, Kelly Ripa asked Munn to confirm that she was dating a quarterback. When Munn said “yes,” a member of the audience clapped.

“That’s him. He’s here,” Munn joked, in reference to the lone clapper.

Munn credited Rodgers for training her new dog, Chance, in a day and a half. She also discussed how the 31-year-old MVP candidate has encouraged her to eat healthier.

Munn and Rodgers have reportedly been dating since April after meeting at the Academy of Country Music Awards. She previously dated actor Joel Kinnaman.

Rodgers gave Munn a vintage yellow-gold ring with a large oval emerald, according to the New York Post. But she quickly dispelled the notion that the couple were engaged. 

“It’s not that kind of ring, by the way," she said. "It’s not the special ring. I mean, it’s a very special ring, but it is not the special ring.”

Here is a clip from the "Live with Kelly & Michael” interview: